Coatings (paint) Inspections and Audits


SICC Services team of inspectors offer a full coating inspection and audit service, from initial site setup including suitability of containment structures, to blast profile and preparation through to final coating thickness and continuity inspections. We can also ensure that all documentation is complete and accurate, ensuring full traceability to help meet warranty requirements.

With our broad range of experience, including domestic, industrial, concrete repair, marine, two pack epoxy, polyurethane and fibreglass applications, we can offer an inspection and consultation services to meet your needs.

Substrate evaluation, repair and coating specification writing:

In order for a coating to perform to its maximum capacity it must be applied over a sound substrate. Once the substrate has been deemed suitable or restored to a serviceable condition, in order to achieve the longest possible coating service life, owners need a well planned painting program and the correct coating for the anticipated service conditions.

This starts with a well written coating specification that is customised for each and every job and takes into account the type of the substrate, removal of failed coatings, repair and maintenance methods, service conditions and the available application methods.

With over 15 years experience in the industry, SICC Services Pty Ltd can offer a specification to meet your needs.

Coatings failure analysis:

There can be many different reasons that can contribute to the failure of a coating. Determining the exact cause of a coating failure is vital to a successful repair and the prevention of further damage. Although many of these reasons are often associated with the application of the coating, any change in services conditions or incorrect coating selection can also have a severe effect of the life of the coating.

Quality assurance and third party audit service:

SICC Services Pty Ltd can also provide a third party auditing service to ensure that contractors are fulfilling the requirements of a project's contract so that traceability is not compromised.

SICC Services has the experience and suitably qualified personnel to ensure compliance with the established project specifications are being met, thus helping ensure the maximum service life and quality of the coating system is being met.

Part of the third party audit role incorporates continuous reviews of the applicator’s QA records as well as random independent inspections and testing of the work and conditions at critical milestone points to confirm QA record information.

Part of this can also incorporate pre-commencement audits to review adequacy of a contractors QA system, including specification and procedure compliance.

Continuity (holiday/spark) testing (NDT):

Continuity testing is one of the non destructive test (NDT) methods. This method is applied on protective coatings once fully cured to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids.

Usually the last step in the coating process, continuity testing, this process can often be overlooked.

There at times can be a major push to get assets back into service and this process can be overlooked but the value of continuity testing cannot be underestimated and is an important resource in assuring that your valuable asset is fully protected and you are getting the best possible outcome from your coating project.

SICC Services Pty Ltd offers experienced and trained personnel for onsite holiday testing to ensure that your coating project is free from pinholes and defects which may lead to premature coating failure and costly re-coating.

Hazardous paint consultation:

With today's focus on health and safety it is extremely important to be aware of the risks associated with safe removal, disposal and management of coatings that contain hazardous material such as lead and chromates. This is a major challenge and issue that is associated with the protective coating industry today.

SICC Services staff are trained and experienced in identifying lead paints and managing removal to meet all legislative requirements. We can also produce or review environmental management plans to ensure their conformance to AS 4361.1 and ensure disposal meets Government legislation requirements.

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Project Management

With qualified staff and a thorough knowledge of AS4000, SICC Services can offer a complete coatings or fabrication project management service.

From detailed tender documentation right through to contract management, SICC Services has the expertise and experience to ensure that your coating project is completed on time and under budget.

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Asset Assessment, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Planning.

Ongoing monitoring and a planning of maintenance activities can have a significant effect on extending the life of both a coating system and the substrate it is there to protect.

By identifying and rectifying coating defects early this can reduce the damage done to the underlying substrate and prevents these areas propagating, which can lead to more costly repairs being required.

A comprehensive maintenance plan allows asset owners to budget money effectively to where it is needed most and not be faced with large “unforeseen” costs where coatings have failed.

SICC Services can provide a comprehensive inspection and reporting service, detailing current asset and coating conditions, degree of steel or substrate loss, visual, magnetic particle and dye penetrate inspection of welds and recommendations for future management strategies.

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Magnetic Particle Inspection 

Magnetic particle inspection (MPI): is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process for detecting surface and slightly sub-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and some of their alloys. The technique uses the principle that magnetic lines of force (flux) will be distorted by the presence of a discontinuity, for example, cracking.

Typical applications: Inspection of castings, forgings, welds and bolts, booms, pressure vessels, tanks, structural members and aerospace.

SICC Services offers experienced and trained personnel for both on-site and off-site testing of all components via fluorescent and colour contrast applications, using either the current flow or coil methods or both. Also available are experienced and trained personnel in confined space access and rope access for the more challenging or restricted access assignments.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing and Surveys

Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTM) is a method of performing non-destructive measurement of the local thickness of a solid element using high frequency sound waves to measure the thickness of a wide range of metallic materials where access from one side is only available. This allows information to be gathered and used for maintenance planning and is an effective preventative failure monitoring tool.

Typical applications: Preventative failure maintenance planning tool for assets that can only be accessed from one side, structures encased in concrete, earthly elements or any asset subject to corrosive environments.

SICC Services offer experienced personnel who can perform comprehensive thickness inspections and reports on many types of structures. Some past assignments include Hydro Electric Corporation Penstock's tank floors and  gantry structures to name a few.

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Visual Welding Inspection Services

Visual examination of welds or fabricated joints are specified in most of the national and international standards and product specifications. The test method should be applied to almost every newly fabricated product as a quality assurance tool. The most detrimental discontinuities in any object or items are surface opening discontinuities. Visual scanning, inspection or testing can successfully detect these unacceptable surface discontinuities without applying other more expensive test methods. As a quality control and assurance program, the inspector will inspect the set-up of the work and ensure that welds are in accordance with the drawings and relevant standards.

Typical applications: Pipe lines, pressure vessels, structural and load bearing items, code compliance, workmanship control and documentation control.

SICC Services have trained and qualified inspectors to CSWIP 3.1 level and can offer comprehensive inspection and QA/QC supervision services.

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Rope Access and Confined Space Inspections

Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness to allow technicians to access difficult locations without the use of expensive scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.

This, along with trained confined space personnel, allows SICC Services to offer a tailored inspection program safely and to the highest standard.

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Pressure vessel inspections

Ensuring the on-going safety of plant and employees in compliance with relevant Australian Standards and Statutory requirements.

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Drone Inspections: Aerial and Underwater (Submarine)

By conducting drone surveys and inspections eliminates the risks involved from putting people in unnecessary high risk activity scenarios, footage is high quality, ever evolving and can be tailored to suit the client’s needs.

CASA Certified drone pilots.

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